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Summary: In this study we investigated kinetic changes in the ratio of endothelin-1 (ET-1) and eicosanoids (6-keto-PG-F1[alpha]/TX-B2) in 20 x 60 mm random pattern flaps from rats. The ET-1 content of regions A (20 mm from the peripheral end) and B (20-40 mm) 6 h after surgery tended to decrease slightly compared to the ET-1 content immediately after surgery. The ET-1 content of region C (20 mm from the flap base) 6 h postoperatively increased significantly compared to that immediately after surgery. The ET-1 content of region C 6 h after surgery was significantly higher compared to that of regions A and B, which were obtained simultaneously. The ratios of eicosanoids in the three regions 6 h after surgery were significantly lower than those immediately after operation. However, the ratio in region A was higher than that in region C, showing that there was a difference in distribution in the flap between ET-1 and eicosanoids. The administration of an ETA receptor antagonist, FR-139317, extended the survival length of the flap. These results suggest that ET-1 can regulate the microcirculation in a flap directly and/or indirectly.

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